The Kevin & Fred Show

As real estate agents ourselves we know a little about what it takes to grow a real estate empire. We’ve struggled and grown at every level from… closing our first deals… to doing millions in volume every year.

We use that experience to help agents like you in a number of ways. Listen to the Kevin & Fred Next Level Podcast for quick tips for business and interviews from the best in the industry.

About The Hosts

We are Kevin & Fred and we want to help you take your Real Estate business to the next level.

Over the past decade, we’ve helped agents learn how to thrive in distressed and traditional markets, find lead generation strategies that don’t cause you to hate your life, grow a team that spans the country, and even simply get your first (or next few) deals.

Because of the competitive nature of real estate, many agents hold their successful strategies as secrets close to their chest. We say f*ck that. We want you to succeed.

And we think we can help you do just that…

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