Alexa, Delete That Salesy Email

Alexa, Delete That Salesy Email

A recent article on Marketing Land talked about What email marketers should know about Alexa’s latest feature.

The Short Stack

On Monday, Amazon announced that one of new Alexa features would be the ability to read, compose, and delete email.

Users can now decide to delete an email by merely listening to the sender and the subject line.

Alexa works with Gmail and Outlook.

My Thoughts

This service creates an easy and efficient way for consumers to manage their inbox. More importantly, it allows them to quickly delete “blind” emails and emails with canned subject lines. If you are doing the “set it and forget it” email marketing strategy this could be the final nail in the coffin for having your email opened.

Email subject lines are paramount with creating a magnet to get people to pay attention. If it doesn't attract visually, then it definitely won't attract when being spoken aloud by a voice assistant. As voice content consumption becomes more and more prevalent, it is indeed time for you to rethink your email subject lines.

Here are some examples of canned email subject lines I received this last month from Agents and LO's:

Check out our rates!! (Seriously?) “Alexa, Delete.”
Are you currently in the market? “Alexa, Delete.”
My Grandma's pumpkin pie recipe. “Alexa, Delete.”
My Christmas gift to you. Free appraisal. “Alexa, Delete.”
No obligation market report “Alexa, Delete.”
We can help you win the day with 203k. “Alexa, Delete.”

Do you want the full experience? Get someone to read the headlines above to you and see how you feel. You can continue to tell yourself that “this is what I would want to know if I was a consumer…” but let's be honest. They don't. Or at least they need something that relates to THEM to get the information that they may or may not want.

That is why in our Agent Marketer Content Roadmap, we talk a lot about magnets. Here are three elements of subject line magnets that you can use:

“Learning” – How to do XYZ

“Their Attention” – How long will it take them to consume your content (read/watch)

“Spark” – Big name or brand

How would they play out?

Learning- Industry Example:

Learn how you can get the house of your dreams

Their Attention – Industry Example:

5 super quick and easy tips that will help you to sell your home quickly

Spark – Industry Example:

House Hunters in Real Life! What HGTV taught me about helping first time home buyers

There is a lot more that goes into crafting an attention-getting email subject line. A/B testing will be playing a huge role as we try to find the best way to grab consumers attention. The most important takeaway is that all of us, including me, need to make sure we step up our email subject line game in the age of Alexa.

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