2019 Best Podcasts for Tech Savvy Agents

2019 Best Podcasts for Tech Savvy Agents

Recently two of our member's podcasts were chosen in the top 10 of Hooquest's 17 Best Real Estate Podcasts for Tech Savvy Agents.

Coming in at #1 was our very own Nate Smoyer, who is the host of the Tech Nest: Real Estate Tech Show podcast. On Nate's podcast he interviews the innovators and leaders from companies that are working to transform the way we buy, sell, and invest in real estate. 

Nate is the founder & CEO of Real Team Panda which is an advertising agency focused on working with real estate + tech companies. Companies hire us when they need help scaling growth through paid advertising channels such as search, display, native, and video. This includes networks such as Google, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Facebook. 

From the article: “His podcasts are featured interviews with real estate tech and marketing operatives, giving a platform to new tech disrupters to talk about their own products as well as the real estate tech trends at large.”

Coming in at #8 was the “godfather” Neil Mathweg, who is the host of the Agent Rise Podcast (Formerly known as the Onion Juice Podcast).  Neil also had the honor of being chosen as the #7 Real Estate Podcast by Follow Up Boss. Agent Rise is a podcast that is geared to help Agents embrace their talents and strengths to help them become the best Agents they can be.

For over 16 years Neil has been a top-producing real estate agent and has sold more than 800 homes. Neil channels his passion for real estate and helping others succeed into coaching and into his Agent Rise Podcast.vNeil is also the CEO of Neil Mathweg Coaching where he runs a 6 week bootcamp to help Agents get control of their business and create a mindset of growth. 

From the article: “Neil Mathweg is a coach and agent whose podcast has been very popular. In addition to his private one-on-one coaching clients, he also hosts the Agent Rise PLUS Facebook group.”

We are very proud to have these two awesome shows as founding members of the Industry Syndicate.

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